Little Happy Corners // Mini Gallery Wall

I’ve been working for about a month now on getting my gallery wall just the way I want it.  When we moved in we had one but I decided that it was too much hodge podge, too many colors, and totally not what I wanted anymore.  So I took everything down, patched up all the wholes and started to plan out the new wall.

I started by picking a color palette, white/neutrals, mint/aqua, and gold.  Then I began collecting frames slowly and the majority of them are old ones my parents weren’t using anymore.  If some of them didn’t fit in with the color scheme, I spray painted them.  I went through quite a bit of white spray paint.  Then it came time to hang and after getting a lot up, I still had a bit left over.  But it just wasn’t going look good completely filling out the wall.  The wall had a nice symmetry going on so we decided to take the rest to an adjacent wall and create a mini gallery dedicated to two of my favorite things in the world, my boys!

So here it is, the brother wall!

Next up will be the main gallery wall reveal!
XO, Kelly

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