DIY Tic Tac Toe Rocks

Recently I tried to teach Gav how to play tic tac toe.  We were outside playing with chalk and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.  We started off great but then as I tried to show, correct, remind, he quickly got a little frustrated, lost interest, and asked to go do something else.  Oh well!  Then I thought about the matching game I made him a few months ago that he still loves to use.  I mean over and over, almost every day.  (It makes me so happy!).  He has another matching game, a superhero one with tons of matches and bright colors, but he still prefers the one I made.  (Again, I pat myself on the back and smile a big cheesy grin!).

So I thought that if I made him something, maybe he would enjoy learning how to play.

What You’ll Need: Scrapbook Paper, Laminating Sheet, Paint (optional), 10 smooth rocks, Black Permanent Marker

Measure out how big you need your game board to be by setting out nine rocks in three rows.
Draw or paint your grid on the paper,  I chose to paint since my paper was a little dark.  Let it dry if you’re using paint, and laminate the grid.  I happen to have a small laminator but you can use the self laminating pouches as well.  They work great!

Find the smoothest side of each rock and write the X’s and O’s on them, five of each.  For a carrying pouch, I had saved the bags that Gav’s sheets came in from Target and it works great!

We’re still working on the concept on “blocking ” the other player from getting three in a row, but he’s learning and he enjoys this version much better than the traditional one!

XO, Kelly

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