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We don’t have a formal dining room so traditional place settings on a table are something I don’t really think about.  However, every once in awhile I’ll stumble across some really amazing placemats.  Let’s be honest, I’m usually at Target when this happens.  Recently Ifound one that was in one of the clearance sections and saw this really awesome placemat sitting all by itself at a fabulous price of $3. Before I knew what I was doing, it was in my cart!  I mean, it must have just hopped in there!

I knew I had to use this placemat for something.  So I came up with a great way to use it as decor!

What You’ll Need: Placemat, Letter Stencils, Felt, Hot Glue, Wooden Dowel, Twine

Lightly outline your letters on the felt as a guideline.  Some letters will need to be traced as a mirror image so that, when you flip them over, they will appear correctly and without any marks.  This felt is from Crafty Wool Felt and I highly recommend using a wool blend felt for this project rather than the poly blends from the craft store.  Wool blend felt cuts much cleaner.

Fold over a small portion of the top of the place mat and glue it in place.  This will be where the dowel slides in so make sure you leave a space for it.  Then find the center and glue on you first letter.  I went with the middle letter of the middle word as a base for my spacing.  Now glue on the rest of your letters to spell out your phrase.

Slide the wooden dowel in, cut off any excess, and tie twine to the ends for hanging.  Since my twine is so thin, I braided together three strands for a textured look.

I knew I loved this little placemat and now it has a special spot in our home!
XO, Kelly

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