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I’m so happy to be celebrating Ava & Oliver‘s first year with a Handmade Shop Spotlight feature!  
The first thing about Ava & Oliver that drew me in was the monochrome style.  I’m a sucker for black and white!  You can check out what I wear on a daily basis and I can guarantee you I’m wearing something in one of those colors.  It’s so versatile and classic.
She makes these awesome beanie and headbands, of course, but there is so much more to choose from!  Teethers to onesies, gift sets to blankets, and the blankets are seriously amazing They are, hands down one of my favorite from the shop, especially the monochrome cloud one.  My other personal favorite are the beanies.   These beanies are well made and the material has a great stretch to it.  Gav has a fairly large head, as does his brother, and this hat fits both of them very well.  A tighter fit on the four year old and a great slouchy look on the baby.  The other element I loved about the fabric choice was that it is breathable.  The temps get hot here in Georgia and the beanie wasn’t too warm for Gav.  For the headband, Gav’s sassy best friend, we call her Fifi, was the perfect model. Made of the same, stretchable material and I love the signature Ava & Oliver black and white stripe pattern.
Time for the Q&A with the lady behind the shop, Amanda!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself! 

A wife, mom of two and one little chihuahua. I used to be a photographer but needed a change and I needed to find something to do from home.

2. Tell us about your shop. 

I love monochrome and cute little things for little people. And hence my little shop was opened.
3. What made you want to start a handmade shop?
I love to create and wanted to do something from home and give me some “mama time”.
4. What do you love most about being a handmade shop?
A way to release my creative juices and create new and unique items.

5. What inspires your designs?
My life. I create what I love.
6. What are your favorite designs from your shop? 
I used to make a lot of plush animals etc with names and facts. I want to try to do more of those.
7. What can we look forward to from your shop?
I have now decided to make up gift sets. They go by theme – monochrome or colour. And by budget. From small to big. I’m super excited about this!!

8. What one piece of advice would you give someone starting up their own handmade business?

Believe in yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others. Create what you love.
Now you’re probably thinking, “I NEED one of the those headbands!” or “I NEED one of those beanies!”  Have no fear because you can enter to win ONE OF EACH!  Enter the giveaway below for you chance to win a fabulous Ava & Oliver headband and beanie.

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XO, Kelly

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