Dear Spring…Where are you?!

This Georgia peach is dying for some spring weather to start sticking.  I realize with that change, the next season is literally around the corner with the sticky, humid hotness that is a Georgia summer.  But for now, Imma need it to not be so darn cold!

In an effort to nudge the weather along, because that’s totally possible, I updated my wreath!  I figured, new month equals new season equals new wreath.  If you saw my last wreath update, I had added a lovely little gray washed chalkboard to the center and all of the florals were placed or woven into the natural wreath.  All of this made the change so simple and easy.  I feel like I get more bang for my buck this way.  I also added a twine hanger this time so that it would hang a bit further down than before.

So come on spring!  We’re ready for ya!

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