Ten Little Things #109

So this was technically supposed to be yesterday’s post but I seriously couldn’t fight the urge to just let it go and throughly enjoy….MY BIRTHDAY!  YAY!  Yesterday was my birthday and I simply enjoyed the day with my mom and my boys.  But any who, here are my joyful moments from last week.

1. Shopping for anything and everything Ninja Turtle
2. A local pizza place coming to my party favor rescue
3. Moustache photo props from preschool
4. My aunt came in town!
5. Silly improving with my students
6. Sweet Ro turned four months old
7. Celebrating my favorite (almost) four year old at his birthday party
8. Hearing my sweet Gav say how much he loved his party
9. The most AMAZING birthday dinner full of surprises and deliciousness!
10. My family and friends….they really outdid themselves in celebration for both Gav’s party and my 30th birthday!

What brought YOU joy this past week?
XO, Kelly

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