Handmade Shop Spotlight

I’m so excited to be starting a new series next week!  As a shop handmade shop owner myself, I know hard, yet rewarding it can be.  To be able to share your creativity, to make something that will become a part of other people’s, people you may never meet, lives.  One of my favorite items I make are my hoop ornaments for Christmas.  It makes me so happy to know that my little piece of art will be a part of that family for years to come!

When you buy handmade, you never know just how much you’re helping that person’s family.  For one shop owner I know, she pays her daughter’s tuition through her shop.  Many others use their earnings to fund adoptions and medical bills.  The cause may not always be that important but whatever the reason, you are helping out a family and supporting creativity.

So with that, I want to highlight and bring attention to as many small shop as I can find.  You’ll learn more about these shops and the owners behind them.  Right now,  I have one shop a month, but the goal is two per month.  So if you are a small shop owner and would like to be featured, I’d love to have you!  Please contact me at gavandroblog@gmail.com to find out more on how to get featured.

XO, Kelly

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