Faux Wood Pallet Sign

I love a good pallet sign.  Every craft and home decor store is full of them.  But, they tend to come with a bit of a price tag, or at least one that is more than I’m willing to fork over.  This is where the art of faking it pays off!  This also makes for a great project for any leftover gift boxes from the holidays!

What You’ll Need: Gift Box Lid or Painting Canvas, Balsa Wood Sheets, Hot Glue, Exacto Knife, Paint

Lay out your word sheets to fit the surface of your box lid or canvas then glue them on.  Don’t worry about any over hang, that will be removed in a second.

Flip your surface over and, using the exacto knife, trim off any excess.  Repeat these two steps with the sides of the lid/canvas.  I chose to leave the bottom uncovered to make it easier to prop up to display.  Paint on a message and you’re good to go!

This is one of those times that I really wish I had a Silhouette/Cricut because the possibilities are endless.

Yeah for making things for a fraction of the cost!
I also did a similar project like this with a frame.  You can see it HERE.
XO, Kelly

What would you put on your pallet wood sign?

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