1. My happy smiling boys
2. Thoughtful gifts from my students
3. Finishing up Christmas presents
4. Watching Mr. G in his Christmas performance
5. Mr. G’s reaction when he didn’t get the kind of book he liked in the book exchange…He received a Frozen book and didn’t pitch a fit or say he didn’t want it.  He just look at it and then at me and then one of his classmates gladly traded for a dinosaur book.  I was so proud!
6. Happy 3 months to my chunky monkey, RC!
7. My mom found a double stroller in amazing condition, same brand as RC’s carseat for $10!
8. THIS moment
9. Getting RC to really giggle for the first time
10. Taking an impromptu week off from blogging

What brought YOU joy this past week?
XO, Kelly