My Postpartum Essentials featuring Belly Bandit

Postpartum is a crazy time of life.  Not just for a new mom but even a mom who’s gone through it before.  It’s contant adjusting, you’re more tired then you ever though you could be, and your body is trying to find a new normal too as it flushes out all of the hormones left over from baby.  Then there’s the baby blues which regardless if you have full blown PPD or you’re just over tired and overwhelmed, you’re going to cry for absolutely no reason and every reason.  And don’t even get me started again on the trials and tribulations of breastfeeding….*insert wide eyed, stressed out emoji here*

So in this time of adjustment, I’ve found there are a few things that help to bring me comfort or at least help me function.

Tumbler Full of Water

People always tell you that you should drink water.  It’s essential to living and all that good stuff, but it seriously helps you feel better when you’ve had the right amount.  It also makes a difference if you’re nursing.  When your body is well taken care of, it can produce like it needs to.  But, it’s easy to forget when you’re at the beck and call of a newborn or, in my case, a toddler too.  I find that it helps me to drink more water when it’s from my favorite tumbler.  I have no idea why, but I will drink twice the amount I usually do if it’s from my Starbucks tumbler.  Her name is Bertha.


Speaking of Starbucks…you know this list wasn’t going to get too far without the mention of caffeine!  It’s pretty much all I think about when I wake up.  Or when I’m sitting on the couch.  Or, you know, ALL THE TIME.  The nights are hard right now, that’s just the reality of newborn life, but coffee definitely helps me.  Whether my body is really responding to the caffeine or it’s all psychological, it helps me and I love it and I will keep on keepin’ on with my coffee love!

*Compression Leggings 

*right photo via

Getting back in shape postpartum is no easy feat.  Your body has gone through something pretty amazing for the past 9+ months and now has to find a new normal.  Nothing is really quite the same, no matter how well you bounce back after delivery.  This time around I’ve had a much easier recovery and my weight has come off fairly quickly, but nothing looks the same.  I may have lost the weight but there is no tone left in my midsection, and understandably so.  I just hit my 6 week mark last week and am now cleared for exercise, but before that these leggings really helped.  Belly Bandit’s Mother Tucker Leggings hold it all together!  Where I’m feeling a little loose, or flabby, these flatten it all out and hold it tight.  Oh yes, very tight!  I’ve never actually worn compression anything before, not even Spanx, and I totally underestimated the tightness.  But that’s what helps shape your body while you’re waiting to be able to do it through working out.  With these bad boys, I’ve got my legs, tummy and tushie right where they need to be!

Don’t be misled though, they may be tight, but they are not uncomfortable!  In the picture above, I was headed to a fall play date at a farm and even with the temperature warming up in the afternoon, these were very comfortable and breathable!

Lactation Cookies

I recently posted on Instagram about Milkmakers lactation cookies.  I’ve wanted to try them even before I had Roman but I never got around to getting the ingredients.  When I found out I could buy them at Babies R Us, I ran to grab a couple!  Then I won a bag of mix from a giveaway and I’ve been eating them like they’re going out of style.  (Well, not really that much because, if you do, that fiber will get you.  If you know what I mean!)  They seriously work for me.  I have noticed an increase in my supply after about a week and even though it’s nowhere near what some mamas can put out, it’s something!  Plus, they taste so good!

Dark Circle Concealer

Let’s be real, ain’t nobody getting’ no sleep around here!  Well, the toddler is, thank goodness.  But needless to say, mama is not.  There’s a reason they call it beauty sleep too because you should see me in the morning! Ok, so I may be exaggerating, I know I’m not swamp thing but I do like to look nice, or at least presentable, when I leave the house.  One thing that has really helped is having this awesome under eye concealer.  I’ve never been one to have dark circles, but with this newborn stage and the fact that I’m less than 3 months away from turning 30, they have set up camp on my face.  A friend of mine recently recommended this one from Nyx and I have been throughly happy with the results.

Mommy Friends/Adult Interaction

I have been so blessed to have met the mommy friends I have and specifically my best friend.  Our older children have grown up together since 3 months and are only a month apart in age.  We have, as much as possible, weekly play dates or coffee dates when the toddlers are in school and it helps to have not only adult conversation, but someone to talk to about what we’re going through as far as our kids.  It’s so helpful to know that someone else is going through what you are.

This has only become more important now that we both have newborns, born exactly 3 weeks apart.  We went through our second pregnancies together and are now tackling life with two kids at the same time.  Our pregnancies may have been completely different, she was hospitalized for severe morning sickness and I had maybe a day or two of nausea (I felt so bad for her!), but our experiences after birth have been very similar.  It’s just good to have someone to that can support you and that you can support back.

Now, I would be remiss to not mention my greatest essential, my family.  We are beyond blessed to live so close to the majority of our family.  From picking up/taking Gavin to preschool and tee ball when RC was born to bringing us dinner to just being here to watch both boys while I take a nap.  We are so grateful and cannot thank them enough!

What about you?  What were some of your must haves after delivery?
XO, Kelly

*This product was given to me in exchange for my review.  The words are 100% my opinion.

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