Getting Crafty with Washi Tape Crafts

I would say that about three years ago, if you had started talking to me about washi tape, I would have looked at you like you had five heads.  I had no idea what it was but then I started to see it more and more, and now it’s everywhere.  And it’s awesome!  It’s versitile, colorful, and, one of the best perks in my opinion, it’s removable.  But let’s go back to that first benefit, versatility…

There are a multitude of things you can do with washi tape, just type washi into a Pinterest search and you’ll be pinning for days!  There are so many fun DIYs out there that there’s even a book, Washi Tape Crafts by Amy Anderson.

I recently got my hands on a copy and have had so much fun looking through the pages of techniques and projects.  Some are super simple, like the first ones I tried, and some are more complicated, like paper airplane decals.  Some are minimal, only requiring washi and some paper, and some require more, like the skyscraper iPad case.  So there are projects for all types of crafters from beginners to pro DIYers.

Here are the first few projects that I tested out:

Striped Frame

Mr. Goldfish got a tank upgrade!  You can find out how to make Mr. Goldfish HERE.

Whiteboard Chart

The one in the book if for a cool chore chart but my board wasn’t big enough.  So I did less lines and it turned out great and it’s exactly what we needed for our fridge.


Now this is just cute!  I put a magnet on the back and now it sticks to the whiteboard on our refridgerator.

These literally took me minutes to finish.  MINUTES!  Anyone can do these crafts and they look great!  The other thing I love about this book is that it comes with its own set of unique washi tape rolls.  So, if you don’t have any washi already, no worries!  It’s built into the book and you can start crafting right away.  Aren’t the patterns and colors so cute?!

So, what would you like to washi today?
XO, Kelly

*This product was given to me in exchange for my review.  The words are 100% my opinion.

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