Taking Bathtime to the Next Level

Now that RC is here, I’m learning how to adjust to life with two kids.  And let me tell you, while very fulfiling and amazing, it ain’t easy!  Our routines have had to change and I’ve most certainly not figured them all out.  From getting out the door for a simple errand, to church on Sundays, to our three preschool days.  Not one of those things has started to pan itself out yet but I do have one area that I have just about mastered, bathtime!

Before RC’s arrival, Mr. G had taken to having showers.  So simple, so easy, and daddy did it!  Then, once little bro was here and had his first bath, that’s all Mr. G wants to do.  Showers with daddy have taken a backseat to bathtime with brother.  That means, especially on nights when daddy works late, I’m back on hygiene duty.  With a newborn in the home again, I’ve been having the urge to go for a more natural cleanser.  RC has also had a rough time with dry skin and peeling so I needed to find something moisterizing and gentle.  That’s when I found out about Little Green products.  They have a complete line of products that are safe, gentle, pure, and as their name suggests, green!  Their formulas are biodigradable and non-caustic and the packaging is recyclable.

I love knowing that what I’m putting on my baby is not only good for his skin, but safe too.  I also love that just a little bit goes along way.  I know RC is a tiny little thing, but I don’t have to constantly resoap the washcloth like I’ve had to with other brands.  Can we also just take a second and talk about how good my baby smells after his bath and lotion?  While this product is not fragrance free, the fragrances used do not contain allergens, as some fragrances do, and are less likely to cause a reaction.  RC has had no reaction and just smells delightful!

One of their unique items that I like is the soothing balm.  It can be used for so many things and with the winter months coming up, both my kids will be coated in this stuff.  Chapped lips, cheeks, and dry skin be gone!

I’m loving these Little Green products and I know you will too!
Want to learn more about Little Green?  You can check them out HERE!
XO, Kelly

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