Simple Fall Wreath Update

If I could, I would have a giant tub (maybe more than one) of decorations for every season and holiday.  But that would require not only more money than I’m willing to spend, but a ton of storage space as well.  Space I do not have.  So I have to get creative with my seasonal decorating.  In addition to all of this, I’ve totally let this season sneak up on me and have nothing up for fall.  I’m pretty sad about it actually but, hey, what can you do?!  Luckily, yellow and orange can stretch into November and so can pumpkins so I still have time!

Today’s DIY is my effort to remedy this siutation while saving money using what I already have.  We’ve had this giant “G” I bought on clearance at Hobby Lobby hanging on our door for quite sometime now.  I love it and I really wasn’t ready to take it off the front door to change it yet.  I wanted something for the season and I wanted my big “G” too.  So I came up with a way of incorporating both!

What You’ll Need: Burlap, Paint (Yellow,Orange, and White), Twine

Cut the burlap into as many triangles as you need to go across your exsisting wreath.  While our “G” is large, I only ended up needing three triangles.  Since burlap frays at unfinished edges, be sure to cut your triangles from the seam.  The Paint will help keep the other sides from fraying.

Now paint the triangles like candy corn with yellow on the bottom, orange, then the white tip.  Once dry, glue them to your twine.  The twine I used is really thin so I took a few strands and tied them together at the ends before gluing the triangles on.

Attach the candy corn bunting to your wreath and you’re all up to date with the season!

Simple, sweet, and satisfies my need for some fall decor!  What’s your favorite way to decorate for the season?
XO, Kelly

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