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Saw It, Pinned It, Tried It // The Alphabet Monster

It’s been too long since I’ve done a Pinterest project.  But, since it’s been so long, that means I have a ton of projects piled up to try now!  THIS PROJECT was sent to me by my mom.  She’s a first grade teacher and loves finding these types for things for me to try with Mr. G.  I loved the idea especially since Mr. G is already learning so much in preschool this year and this is a great ay to reinforce that.  So I immediately started collecting the supplies.  It took me a little while but you’ll see why in just a second.

What You’ll Need:  Empty Wipes Case, 26 Bottle Caps, Sharpie, Crafting Scraps

First things first, decorate your monster!  This is where those scraps come in.  Use whatever you have, be it paper, felt, foam sheets, googly eyes, etc.

Now for those This is what took the longest to collect.  To get them faster, ask friends and family to help out.  I just saved the tops from our almond milk containers as we went through them.  Take your sharpie and write the letters of the alphabet on them, one per cap.  The tutorial uses small circle labels but all of my caps are white so I opted out on that part.

To play, have your child feed the alphabet monster one letter at a time and say the letter as they put it in.  You can also ask them to feed the monster a specific letter once they’ve gotten some of the letters memorized.  Mr. G thinks it’s funny and loves to feed the monster.  I wonder if he realizes he’s learning too!

Om nom nom!
XO, Kelly


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