DIY Pizza Halloween Onesie

One of the first things I started brainstorming once we knew our due date was Halloween costumes.  I know that sounds ridiculous but, you know me, I like to plan ahead.  Plus, I wanted the new little one to have a costume that went along with what Mr. G was going to be.  That was going to take even more brainstorming depending on what he chose.  After much back and forth from the three year old, he finally settled on Leonardo, the Ninja Turtle.  Can’t say I was surprised, and I had already thought up a perfect match!  PIZZA!

What You’ll Need: Plain Onesie, Yellow Fabric Dye, Felt

First thing you’ll need to do is dye the onesie.  Now, if you happen to be able to find one that is already yellow, you won’t need to do this step.  For the life of me I could not find one so fabric dye was my only option.  This is very easy though.  The directions were mainly for much more fabric than a tiny 0-3 month onesie so here’s how I did it.

Fill your sink with enough hot water to cover the garment and soak the onesie.  Uncrumple the fabric, lay it back in the water and add the dye.  I pretty much added the whole packet as I wanted it to be BRIGHT yellow.  Stir it around for roughly ten minutes and then rinse it was warm water, gradually making it cooler, until the water runs clear.  Wash the onesie by itself in a regular cycle and dry with low heat.

Now for the toppings!  Cut out different toppings from the felt as well as three strips of felt for the crust.    Loosely braid the three strips and glue the ends together.  Glue everything onto the onesie using hot glue and you’re ready to go trick or treating!

Just the cutest piece of pizza ever!  I could eat him up!
XO, Kelly

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