Mr. G’s Big Brother Bag

This is something I have been looking forward to ever since I found out I as pregnant with RC.  I had been researching “preparing your child for a new sibling” like crazy and one of the things I loved as this idea of a big sibling bag, something special for big brother or sister during this very new experience in their life.  Another bit of advice was to have a special present for them that is specifically from their little sibling.  Well, I just decided on making the entire bag from RC and Mr. G has no idea it exists.

But what to put in it?  There are so many options but I went pretty simple.  Every time we go to a store, as any toddler does, he points out things that he likes.  And by “points out” I means he says “Can I have this/these” “I want this/that/the other”…and so on an so forth.  If you have kids, you know all about the fun of going to Target/Walmart/etc. and having to pass by the dreaded toy section, just to get to the one section you’re actually there for.

Anyway…I’ve been keeping a mental tally of what he’s been eying and figuring out what’s going to go in this special bag.

The Bag

Yay for free stuff!  The office supply store next to where my husband works had a back-to-school hand out event and these bags were a part of it.  You know I love a good bargain and you can’t beat free.  To make it a bit more special, I stenciled his name on it!  I love that it has a few pockets, fun to put little things in, and a big enough main pocket for larger items and future use as an over night bag.

Activity(ies) for the hospital

When Mr. G comes to visit, it’s not going to be an in and out type of visit like most family members.  He still needs us, needs to be around us, and we’ll want to be together as a family.  No, he won’t be spending the night, but he’ll be spending a good amount of time there.  Well, toddlers get bored.  *GASP* I know, right?!  These marker sets are something Mr. G has had his eyes on for awhile.  He saw a Planes set that he liked and, unfortunately they didn’t have them when I went to buy them.  But, I don’t think TMNT is going to be a problem.  Plus, they’re shiny!  Bonus Points: They’re Color Wonder markers so they only color on the special paper!

Another activity that’s great for the hospital is having something for him to watch.  I’m not really sure if the TVs at our hospital have DVD players (I could probably go look but…meh) so we plan on bringing our portable player for Mr. G.  Plus, he can watch the same videos over and over and we won’t have to too.  For this, I found a new TMNT video that he doesn’t have and I know he’ll love.

Fun and Just Because Items

Being an only child for 3.5 years, Mr. G has plenty of toys so getting a new, big toy wasn’t on the agenda.  But now that he’s older, he loves little things like novelty items and things with his favorite characters on them.  Some great places to find some stuff like this are Party City, the Dollar Store, and the Target Dollar Spot.

Disposable Camera

This is by far my favorite item in the bag!  It may not be Mr. G’s, but I’m super excited about it.  After looking up a few different posts about big sibling bags, I stumbled arose one from January and June that included a disposable camera.  This item is so that big sibling can take pictures from their point of view.  Mr. G loves playing with his toy camera and, being a blogger’s kid, he’s used to mommy taking tons of photos.  When he finds out that this is a real camera, I think he’s just going to go click happy!  But that’s ok, it will be so much fun to have them developed and see from his perspective.

I can’t wait to see his face  when he gets to open his special bag!

UPDATE:  He loved everything in his bag and asks to use his “big brother” bag all the time.  The pictures, once we showed him how to wind it, were taken in about 5 minutes and then he refused to give it up and took pretend pictures for a good 2 days after.  We’ve watched a ton of TMNT and eaten plenty of candy too!  Mr. G couldn’t believe that RC knew exactly what he liked.  *wink wink*

XO, Kelly


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