GEAR-ing Up for Baby Number Two

Every mama has their “must have” list for a new baby, especially if she’s not a first time mommy.  Once you’ve gone through it once, you definitely start to form options on what you HAVE to have and what you could definitely skip this time around. There’s also a list of “just gotta have it”s because, come on, baby stuff is just too cute!

When I as pregnant with Mr. G, I was so out of the loop on trendy baby items.  Especially in the handmade world.  Through the wonderful world of blogging and Instagram though, I’ve found a plethora of fabulous shops that make everything from onesies to bibs to sheets and Boppy covers.  I mean, let’s face it, I didn’t even have Instagram when he as born because it as still only available for the iPhone at the time.  Crazy to think of right?

As I near the end of my pregnancy I’ve been slowly but sure collecting some adorable items that I just have to share.  And this time I’m getting ready for a newborn and a toddler transitioning to big brother!

Bassinet – Now there will be people who totally disagree with me.  I know that.  But we decided to forego one with Mr. G before he was born and I ended up in a pool of mommy tears, full of anxiety, on the couch in his nursery the first night home from the hospital.  This time I plan to save myself some of the trouble and have one ready.  We, unfortunately, don’t have the bassinet from Mr. G but we found one through a Facebook online yard sale that is also a Pack n’ Play.  I highly recommend this option!  Once the bassinet is no longer needed, you have the Pack n’ Play for everything else, which we also needed because our old one as broken.
Swing – Swing = life saver! For the longest time, and who know why, I kept Mr. G’s swing in his nursery.  This rendered it pretty much useless because that’s not where I spent most of my day.  Then one day I decided to slide it into the main room, where I did spend most of the day, and voila!  Turns out I could do a whole lot more with my day when I wasn’t carrying a baby around or having to keep my eye on him laying on the floor. 
Diaper Pail – Another controversial piece of baby equipment that not everyone will agree with but it’s definitely something on my list!  We’re not a cloth diapering family.  I definitely see the benefits, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just not for us.  Neither is taking a trip out to the garbage can every time baby poops.  That’s why I like the diaper pail.  THIS is the one we have and I like that it has a spot to mask the odor with baking soda, and twists after each use, preventing odor from coming out every time you open it.  I only use it for the dirties, wet ones go straight to the trash can.

Sound Soother

When we bought one for Mr. G, it as something I thought was cute and heard would help with sleeping and soothing and all that goodness.  Little did I know that, 3.5 years later, he would still be using it!  Oh my has this thing been wonderful!  So,of course, I had to get one for RC.  I know that every kid is different and he may not love his like his brother does, but I’ll take my chances.  The ones we have are from Cloud B. but you can get any sound soother you’d like.  I love these because they attach to the crib and run on batteries.  They are great for travel, Mr. G’s giraffe has been everywhere he has, and have really helped with transitional phases.

THE GOTTA HAVES (Here’s where it gets super cute and fun!)
Adorable Onesies and Rompers – There are so many shops out there that have such unique designs and handmade items, it’s hard to narrow it down.  However, two of my favorites are Milk ‘n Cookies and Stylin’ Sophie!

images via
Milk and Cookies has great graphic tees and onesies that are great for babes and toddlers alike.  My favorites are the ones taken straight from the shops name!

Also, as a fabulous readers of my blog, you can get your Milk ‘n Cookies apparel for 10% off for a limited time!  Just use the code “KELLY10” at checkout.  

images via
Stylin’ Sophie uses some of the most unique fabrics for her handmade collection and the rompers are to die for!  We have the “Where the Wild Things Are” and it is one of my favorite pieces in RC’s closet.
Stylish Leggings – Now I always thought that leggings were just for girls.  Don’t ask me why, just the way my brain worked.  But then, once turned on to the handmade world…GAME. OVER.

image via
One of my favorites that I have found come from Lola & Stella.  The fabric is so soft and the handmade quality is top notch.  And look how cute!
(Stylin’ Sophie and Milk ‘n Cookies have great leggings to choose from as well!)
Moccasins/Crib Shoes

Brown Moccs / Gray + Brown Moccs

No, I know, newborns and tiny infants don’t NEED shoes.  Cover them up with socks and they’re arm and good to go.  I know that…but look how cute!  Little teeny tiny shoes make my mama heart eyes pop out of my head. 


Big Brother Bag

I have been looking forward to putting one of these together since I first heard of them.  I wasn’t even thinking about having a second child and I had already pinned this idea on Pinterest!  Why is this an essential, you ask?  Because I feel that after 3.5 years of being an only child, the center of attention, this is a hard transition.  I want my sweet first born to feel special, all on his own.  I want GAVIN to feel important and loved and while of course these things are undoubtedly true, he may not always feel that way.  

This will definitely be a separate post all it’s own so you can see exactly what fun things are going inside Mr. G’s special bag!
*Big Brother Tee – Honestly…this feels like it should be an essential.  But I suppose having more than one may not be essential…maybe.  Anyway!  I had to include one of my favorite shop’s tee in here because I have had this on my Etsy wish list for quite a while.  

Plucky Mustard makes some of the cutest, handmade tees I’ve seen.  These super soft tees are hand painted by the lovely mama owner and she gets bonus points because she’s from the ATL, just like me!
*Nursing Cover – With Mr. G, I stopped breast feeding very early due to medication needs. (You can read about that HERE.) So I don’t think I ever actually nursed in public.  I remember once during our newborn session and then once at the pediatrician but I don’t count that as public.  I fully plan on doing much more nursing this time around so there will definitely come I time when I’ll be out on public and RC will get hungry.  I’m also a very modest person when it comes to my body and, while I find nothing wrong with breast feeding in the open, it’s just not for me.

Insert one of the coolest multifunctional nursing covers I’ve seen!  Milk Snob‘s multifunctional nursing covers have been on my list since I found out about them.  Not only are the a cover for nursing, but they are also a carseat cover.  I never used one with Mr. G and I like the idea of some added peace for the little one while you’re out.  People love babies, and that’s great, but it will be nice to have him covered up from time to time without constant peering eyes into the car carrier.  Another added bonus is how comfortable the cover is.  The fabric is so soft and light making feeding/bonding time even more pleasant.  

*Baby Carrier – Another something I missed out on was the big push into baby wearing.  If I had known more about it, I definitely would have worn Mr. G all the time.  I did/do have a Moby Wrap and I plan on using it but I love all of the versatile options that are out there that I had no idea existed!

My latest obsession is the ring sling.  This one in particular comes from Cute Awakening.  The linen fabric is so nice and she has a ton more colors to choose from.  It not only comes with instructions, but an instructional DVD as well.  The DVD made all the difference when I as learning how to use it.  Another feature I love is that this bad boy can hold up to 35 pounds!  It can hold my 3.5 year old y’all!  That’s quality, my friends.

Diaper Bag for 3 – I’ve gotten very used to carrying only my purse with me with the occasional snack in it.  We’ve even gotten to the point where I don’t carry a change of clothes for Mr. G just in case.  Now I need room for all the basics again.  Something that can basically fit an entire baby aisle, my everyday purse stuff, and a couple things for big brother.

I love this one that I bought from Skip Hop!  It’s super roomy, definitely bigger than the one I had when it was just Mr. G.  I love all of the pockets, great easy access to a water bottle, phone, keys, etc.  It also has stroller straps which, I think, are pretty darn cool!

*Transitional Clothes – One of the best things anyone ever told me before I had Mr. G was that I would still look pregnant after delivery.  (Thanks Mom!) I knew that there was the whole losing baby weight thing that everyone struggles with, but the fact that I would push out this baby and still look like I was carrying one was good to know.  I would have been highly upset!  So what can you do in that interim time where your body is finding it’s new normal, becoming less swollen, etc.?  Invest in some comfortable, transitional, clothes.

I’m IN LOVE with these pants by Belly Bandit!  They’re part of their B.D.A. collection of products that are specifically made to fit you at all stages, aka before, during, and after.  These pants are made from quality bamboo fabric and are like a dream to wear.  If you’ve never worn anything made from bamboo, I highly suggest it!  Another feature I love about these pants are the fold over waist band.  When I was smaller, it sat easily below the belly and was very comfortable.  Then as the belly has continued to grow, it slides up nicely over the belly for an equally comfortable fit.  Now they are packed safely in my hospital bag, ready for my next stage, the after.  I’d still love to wear them now, but I fear they won’t be available when I need them and I want those bad boys at the hospital with me!

UPDATE:  Since this was posted after my delivery, I have to let you all know that these were amazing to have with me in the hospital.  Once I as able to get out of my gown they were the first thing I reached for and I was so comfortable!

*These products were given to me in exchange for my review.  The words are 100% my opinion.

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