DIY Embroidered Headbands

Yesterday I shared these fun headbands over on Pretty Providence.  I love them because, other than the one with script, they’re super simple easy to make and you really don’t have to have any previous experience embroidering anything.  These could also make for a fun gift idea if you went for a single letter monogram!

What You’ll Need: Fabric Headbands, Pencil/White Pen, Needle and Embroidery Thread

All it takes is a little patience, you’re gonna be making a lot of little stitches, and your imagination.  For the full tutorial, head to my post HERE.

Simple lines with bright colors are fun and if you’re feeling really ambitious, as I was, go for some wording!  Since I do a lot of embroidery work for my shop, I went for it, and I love my “mom hair, don’t care” headband.

I’ll be hitting the gym as soon as I’m cleared after RC’s arrival and I’m sure with all that sleep I won’t be getting, my “mom hair” one will be unapologetically true!

XO, Kelly

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