Bumpdate // 40 weeks

Happy due date RC!  Turns out, you just couldn’t wait and had to make a 10 day early arrival!  I can’t believe we’re at the end of this pregnancy journey but I’m looking forward to sharing his birth story soon and continuing to share little snippets of life with a newborn again.

Physically, how do you feel?
Delightful!  I had a pretty easy delivery and, since it wasn’t a C-section, I’ve been getting around just fine.  My heartburn is gone, my back doesn’t constantly hurt, and my feet aren’t swollen anymore!

Mentally, how do you feel?
This was where I, as well has my family, was concerned.  But I’m happy to report, other than the normal spontaneous crying from the hormone come down, I’m in rather good spirits.  Am I tired? Yes.  Is it stressful?  It can be.  But all in all, I feel leaps and bounds better than I did at this time with Mr. G.

How’s newborn life?
It’s pretty much just as it’s expected to be.  RC has his days and nights flipped right now so night time is pretty difficult.  He’ll sleep non stop during the day, I have to wake him up for feedings, and then at night he’s up about every hour to eat and doesn’t want to be put down in the bassinet.

We’re also having some breastfeeding difficulties but, at this point, I have made it as long as I did with Mr. G and I don’t have any intensions of stopping.  So yay for that!

All I can do right now is just remind myself that this doesn’t last forever.  I won’t be doing this forever, he will eventually sleep longer.  He will get the hang of breastfeeding and he’s already starting to do a little better with it anyway.  And I know that “it won’t last forever” is a hard concept for most new moms because there seems t, literally, be no end in sight.  But I’ve gone through it before, I know how fast it can go!  Mr. G will be four in January….FOUR!  It really doesn’t last forever!

How’s Mr. G doing?
As well as can be expected for a sweet little boy who has been an only child for three and a half years.  Listening, in general, has gone out the window but he loves to help.  He loves to get diapers and do things for mommy and daddy when we need him to but, unfortunately, he’s not MY biggest fan right now.  And I know I can’t take it personally.  To him, I’m to one who let little brother out and now he’s not the only one.  I know he’ll come around but it’s still hard on my mama heart.

XO, Kelly

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