Bold Graphic Art, A DIY Blog Hop, & A Giveaway!

Today I’m teamed up with some fabulous bloggers, who are all expecting, to bring you a great round up of DIY wall art for your little one’s nursery!

For my DIY, I had orinigally planned for the changing table to just have a couple of baskets above it, RC’s name, and maybe a shelf.  Then the actual table came in and it turned otu mch larger than I anticipated.  Which, by the way, I’m not complaining, hubby did an amazing job and I love it!  But, it’s taller than I expected so we had to move the wall hangings around, creating a bit more space.  You know what that meant?  Time to create some more art!  RC’s nursery has a ton of prints and fun animals so this one needed to be a little different and it also needed to incorporate some color for the space it was going.  Here’s what I did:

What You’ll Need: Printed Image, Letter Stencils, Black Paint, Frame

For your background image, simply find something you like that’s not too busy or dark.  I went with a trail map.  How did I find it?  Google search “trail map” and you’ll find a lot of great images to work with.  Resize the image to what you need, you can do this in a photo editing software if you have it, but Power Point/Word can do the trick just fine.  Print it out and grab your letter stencils.

Before you start painting onto the image, make sure you know how you’d like them to appear.  Write it out on paper and play with the layout until you have one you like.  Now, start with the very center letter and place it smack in the middle of your image.  Once you’ve finished the first letter, just fill in the letters around it.  I didn’t measure, eyeballing it works just fine.

Once it’s dry, which doesn’t take very long, trim the image if necessary and place in your frame to display!

Be sure to check out the other wonderful DIY in the link up for more wall art inspiration and adorable nurseries!

Want to check out RC’s entire nursery?  Check out THIS POST.
XO, Kelly

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