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Toddler Journal

One day my mom sent me a message with an attachment.  It said something along the lines of “This is really cool” and “You should do this with Gavin”.  So I clicked on it and immediately knew I wanted to start doing said activity.
*This is also my way of saying that this is not my original idea.  I don’t remember where I saw it.  I just have to share!

A lot of times, life can just pass you by.  Especially the standard, mundane, gotta do it activity filled days.  This is true whether you have children or not but, if you have a toddler (or a baby or both/a few) days can begin to blur together pretty easily.  Not everyday is filled with big events, parties, etc., but, like my little blog title likes to point out, there is joy in every day.  That is why I love this tiny, quick activity that I added into our bedtime routine.

I remember having a journal as a teen/20 something to document my day to day life.  I’m sure you do too.  And, like mine, it’s probably filled with more “woe is me and my teen existence” stories than joyous ones but, hey, that’s teen life.  I do, however, remember many good moments recorded with plenty of exclamation points and whatever the equivalent of “OMG” and “Heart Eyes!” was a decade or so ago.  (Don’t want to date myself too much!) And those are the ones that make me smile and reminisce.  The other ones just make me laugh because all of us as teens were ridiculous.

So what is this little ritual you do, you ask?  All we do is ask Mr. G what his favorite part of the day was.  We’ll talk about the whole day, no matter what it was we did, and he tells us what he liked the best. We write it down and that’s it!  It takes all of 2-5 minutes tops.  It’s already so much fun to look through it and remember my little guy’s experiences and the little things that brought HIM joy.  All you need is a notebook and a pen.  Nothing fancy, though you could DIY one if you’d like.  I know I would have loved to make one all cute and DIY-i-fied with his name and all that good stuff.  But I lost out to the Ninja turtles…pick your battles, right?!

We’ve enjoyed doing this so much that I’ve decided to start a little gratitude journal of my own.  Not the tradition journal where I talk about my whole day or my stresses and such.  But one where I reflect on the day and write my own favorite part(s).  A highlight reel of my day, if you will.  The day-to-day can get pretty daunting or just plain boring.  This is my way to combat that and remember that the good Lord has placed so much good in our lives!  There is joy in every day!

XO, Kelly

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