Sharpie Cat Phone Cover

Oh man, it’s been too long since I did a new phone cover!  Today, I will remedy that with one that takes about 5 mins tops to do!

Cats seem to be everywhere these days don’t you think?  I mean, I’m not complaining, I love cats.  I have one!  I’m no crazy cat lady but I love some of the funny products they have out there featuring these furry friends.  Check out THIS LIST just for fun!  Anyways…let’s get back to that phone case.

What You’ll Need: Clear Phone Case, Sharpie, White Cardstock, Stickers/Letters/Etc

Using your sharpie, draw the basic cat outline on the INSIDE of the case.  What do I mean by basic?  I mean, straight lines up the sides, triangle tops for ears and an arch in the middle.  Keep it simple and don’t forget to give your little buddy a face.

Now cut out a few inserts from the cardstock.  You can trace from the actual phone case like THIS one or you can also find a template for your device with a quick google search.  Decorate the top half with whatever you like.  Words, stickers, or draw something for your kitty to think about.

I think my personal favorite right now is my burger thought bubble, because food is pretty much all I think about too!

XO, Kelly


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