Maternity Shoot with Joleen Pete Photography

Y’all!  I’ve been sitting on these pictures for just over a week now and it’s been killing me to share them (read “spam your Instagram feed”) with you!  I’m so in love with each image and it was hard for me not to just share the entire Dropbox library of them.  We have a local sunflower farm here in our area that is only open 3-4 weeks out of them year.  Seriously, that’s it, 3-4 weeks!  When I saw that my friend and fellow blogger, Joleen, was offering these mini sessions, I knew they would be the perfect fit for a quick and easy maternity session.  The session was only 25 minutes and I figured that would be all Mr. G could handle.  
We’ve had an unseasonably dry summer so it was very up in the air when the farm would open.  We actually had to cancel the original session because the flowers hadn’t even bloomed.  But out of nowhere, it seemed, the blooms popped open super quick!  I pass this farm on the way to play dates with the best friend and couldn’t help but get so excited once they bloomed.  They were small but so pretty and vibrant!  When we pulled up to the farm on the day of our shoot it was gorgeous, as you can clearly see in the pics below.   Mr. G wasn’t too thrilled for picture time and he wasn’t to fond of the giant flowers either.  He kept saying that he didn’t want the flowers to look at him (???).  There were also quite a few bees, which is very normal with sunflowers.  But all in all, Joleen caught some wonderful shots of my growing belly and my sweet little family.  Thanks so much, Joleen! ENJOY!
XO, Kelly 
PS: These are also the first family photos we’ve had done since Mr. G was 18 months old.  Um…oops!


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