Teepee and Arrow Cupcake Toppers

This past weekend, I helped throw a baby sprinkle for my friend Katy’s newest little addition.  You’ve seen her little girl in many of my Instagram pics with Mr. G.  It’s crazy how our firsts are so close in age (just over a month) and now our second children are the same!  Her nursery theme is woodland/camping, just like RC’s, so we went with that for the party too. My mind is perpetually thinking in that theme already, so I had fun coming up with these little cake toppers for the sprinkle!

What You’ll Need: Scrapbook Paper & Toothpicks (also: scissors, hot glue, pencil, and ruler)

Let’s start with the teepees.  Turn your paper over and, using the ruler, draw out some triangles.  Cut them out and turn them back over.  Cut a small, angled like the triangle, slit and fold it over to make a flap.

For the arrows, use the ruler to draw out a simple design on the back of the paper.  Only draw one though, trace the rest and cut them out.

Glue the toothpicks onto the backs of the toppers and you’re good to go!  Tip: Glue the toothpicks to the arrows at an angle.  If you glue them straight down the middle, they’ll look more like rockets coming out of the cupcakes rather than arrows.

XO, Kelly

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