Repurpose // Hoop and Handkerchief Frame

I’m sure that, if you’ve been following along for awhile now, you know I love hoop art.  My Etsy shop is devoted to it and I have a list on there with some of my favorites from other shops.  One day I saw a hoop clothesline frame that I thought was so awesome that I just had to make one for myself!  My only hangup was that I didn’t have any fabric that I liked or matched our decor and I didn’t ant to go buy some just to have a ton left over.  Then, while going through my craft stash, I found some old handkerchieves from an antique store that were perfect and this DIY turned into a repurposing project!

What You’ll Need: Embroidery Hoop, Handkerchieves (or Fabric), Twine, Hot Glue, Clothespin, Picture

Start by putting the outer hoop aside and laying the handkerchieves or fabric of your choice on top of the inner hoop.  If you don’t have any handkerchieves but want to use some for your project, head to your local antique store and you’re likely to find a ton.  They’re typically pretty inexpensive ranging anywhere from $2-$6 depending on the size and embroidery detail.

I used two handkerchieves since these are so thin and would basically be see through.  Also, to add some more color, you can paint the outer hoop if you’d like.  Since my hoop was from a previous project, it was already gold.  Time saver!

Lay a length of twine, use multiple strands for a stronger hold, over the fabric then place the outer hoop back on top and tighten the hardware.  Pull around the edges of the fabric to ensure it’s taught, as well as the strands of twine.

Cut off most of the excess fabric, leaving just enough to wrap around the edge of the hoop.  Going around the rim of the back of the hoop, glue the excess fabric and twine down to keep it in place.

Use a mini clothes pin to hang your picture on the line and display!
XO, Kelly

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