DIY // Designer Bear Rug Knockoff

My best friend and I are both pregnant at the same time, exactly a month apart, and both with boys.  Crazy right?!  Needless to say, we talk about nursery themes, clothes, shops, etc.  Now, even though I have a boy already and she has a girl, she’s so far ahead of me in the trendy boy shops/stuff department than I am.  When I had Mr. G, I didn’t have a blog, no other friends with kids, Pinterest as just starting to get huge, and no Instagram (gasp!).  I was so out of the loop on a lot of this new world.  However, now I’m in the know, or at least more aware of all these adorable products and Pinterest is loaded with even more goodness!

All of that brings me to today’s DIY for RC’s nursery.  The bestie showed me THIS adorable blanket from a great handmade shop but it’s unfortunately out of my price range.  But I thought I’d try to make a version of it myself and here’s what I created! IObviously, I’m not expecting for this to last as long as my Bazaar velvet rug but it should last a good few years while the kids are growing up.

What You’ll Need:  Canvas Drop Cloth, Hot Glue, Paint

This drop cloth is just a standard 5ft X 5ft canvas drop cloth from Home Depot.  It also has a poly backing that made painting it easy since I wasn’t worried about it leaking through.

Fold the drop cloth in half and trace an outline in pencil.  Then cut the outline out leaving a small trim around the pencil line.  Unfold and finish the outline on the duplicate side.

Cut small slits from the edge to the pencil line and glue the excess to the back of the cloth.  This will create a hem for your rug and keep it from any possible fraying.

Now go to town and paint the bear however you choose.

For the ears, I liked the look of the ear flaps.  You can paint them on if you like but here’s how I made mine.  Using some of the excess cloth, I cut out two ears the same ay I cut out the body.  I used the original hem as the base of the ear to be able to easily attach it to the rug.  Cut out one ear along the pencil line and “hem” the larger one around it.  Paint in the detail and glue it don to the rug.

XO, Kelly


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