Dear Naptime…

Oh Naptime, it’s been about 5ish months since you left us.  I miss you.

You were my “me time”, my time to blog, my time to work on projects uninterrupted.  I remember when we would get a guaranteed two hours (sometimes more, you spoiled me!) each day and I could eat without getting up fifty times, or watch a show from the night before.  Some days I could work on 3 separate projects and maybe even blog one of them before Mr. G even began stirring!

I knew that our time together would eventually come to an end, and I got more than most, but I wish you were still around.  Every now and then you come to visit for a car ride, sometimes you even stay after for a bit, but it’s never as long as it used to be.  And when you leave, Mr. G is almost always very upset.  He misses you too I think.

It’s been rough, I’m not gonna lie, but we’ve started to make due.  Our new “normal”.  Mr. G doesn’t particularly enjoy sitting with me during DIY projects, but if he can play with my iPad, he’s pretty content.  I’m sure it doesn’t help that school is out as well, so we’re full steam, no down time, all day long.

I see you around the corner though, you’ll be back to help out with RC.  Plus Mr. G will go back to school soon, so we’ll have our quality time again.  Until then, dear Naptime, I’ll just look forward to the very inconvenient late afternoon visits right before we get to the store or my work and “calmly” handle the cranky aftermath.

Yours Truly,

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