Bumpdate // 30 Weeks

10 weeks left to the due date!  That’s just surreal to say.  It still feels like yesterday that we walked into the bathroom to find a little plastic test saying “pregnant”.

Physically, how do you feel?
This pregnancy has felt so different from what I remember from Mr. G.  My body is totally different this time around and RC is coming out straight to the front.  I often wonder how in the world I can go out any further but I know I will.  Stretching, especially in my dance classes, is near impossible now.  Front stretching is just out of the question.

I tend to feel “heavy” a lot of the time.  And I by no means mean in terms of the weight I’ve gained.  RC is sitting so low that when I stand up, gravity pulls my whole midsection down.  This also contributes to the frequent lower back aching.

RC’s movement?
The “alien” movements have really set in and are fun/funny to watch.  We’ve also noticed, it’s hard not to, the times hen RC will push completely in one direction leaving me seriously lopsided.

Sometimes he’ll move in twitches and random bumps, which is super weird.  And every now and then, I think he has the hiccups, not nearly as much as Mr. G had, which is a nice change!

How’s the nursery coming along?
Just about all of the wall art is done, just not up on the walls, and I’ve finished another fun DIY I’ll be sharing soon.  Furniture-wise, hubby is in the process of building the changing table, which I can’t air to share, and the crib is still in our garage out back.  Sadly we can’t find the hardware for the crib so, ya know, we’re looking for it.

Any new cravings/aversions?
Not really.  I just have random things that will pop into my head that I really want but nothing has been consistent or more than normal.

How’s Mr. G doing?
Doing better!  The closer we get, the more I talk about RC and how I will need he help since he’s a big boy.  He doesn’t like to talk about the same topics over and over (except TMNT and minions maybe) so I haven’t really gone in detail yet.  I’ve been preparing though by reading advice articles and making a list of things for his “big brother bag”.  Also, our latest thing is that he wants a big boy bed.  We’re talking a legit bed, not just a toddler bed, so this has been a good incentive to behave a little better and he knows that the bed will be his special thing when RC comes.

Are you expecting?  I’d love to hear about how you’re feeling and what you’re experiencing, no matter if it’s your first or your 15th!

XO, Kelly

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