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I’m so excited to be showing you my first finished DIY project, other than the doodles I’ve been Instagramming, for RC’s nursery!  When I started pinning nursery ideas, both boy and girl when we didn’t know, THIS PROJECT was on my board.  I thought it would be the perfect addition to a woodland/camping nursery and it looked pretty easy to do.  I was right on both accounts!

What You’ll Need:  Wooden Letter, Twigs, Hot Glue

First you’ll need to collect some twigs.  The amount you need will depend on the size of your letter.  The letter I used is 13″ and I ended up running out of twigs before I was done.  Just grab a bunch and make sure you get them in varying thicknesses.  The thicker ones are good for the main covering layer and the thinner ones are great for filling in gaps.   I also made sure to rinse the twigs and let them dry before using them to get any dirt and possible bugs off.

A bonus from this project is that I got to involve Mr. G in helping me look for the twigs and sticks.

Now all you have to do is lay them out and glue them on.  This part of the project took the most patience because it’s sort of like a puzzle, fitting everything together and filling in the gaps.

The example was done with a letter “A”, a letter comprised of nice straight lines.  Mine is a “R” which, with this particular style of letter, has a couple of curves.  The curves were a little harder to figure out but not too bad.  I like that the curves are a little jagged since it’s suppose to look more natural.

So I bet you’re wondering what this big ole’ R stands for…

Stay tuned for my bumpdate on Friday to find out!
XO, Kelly

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