Now ll of these apps can be used for filters and most for manual attribute editing but I only use one of two for that purpose.  Let’s face it, you don’t need 6 apps, taking up room in your storage, just for filtering photos.  It’s the other features they offer that are just plain awesome!  Want to download these apps too?  Just click on the app title to head to the app store.  (Most, possibly all, are available for android as well, I just linked the the Apple app store.) 

Pic Tap Go is my go-to app for cropping/straightening and quick filtering.  You can adjust the filters easily and have your photo brightened or whatever you like in about 5 seconds.  

VSCO Cam is my favorite for manual editing.  When I have more time to sit and play with the attributes, this is the app I go to.  The main ones I edit are exposure, contrast, and temperature but there’s also skin tone and highlights/shadows which are great for manual editing as well.  You can also add a filter on top of all of these edits if you like.

When I found out about this editing feature I got really excited!  We all have those photos that are a little dark in one area and not so much in another.  Then you go to brighten the photo and the dark spot looks great but the light part is completely washed out.  Snapseed is my fix for that!  You can use the “Selective” tool to brighten only certain areas of your photo.  You can also add multiple points.  
Here’s how to use the selective tool:
1. Select your area to brighten.
2. Now swipe your finger across the picture, left to right, to brighten the area. 
3. Tap the plus sign to add as many points as you need.

This is the free version of the traditional software for your phone.  I was honestly shocked that it was free, photoshop ain’t cheap!  I use this for eliminating unwanted spots or parts of an image.  In the case of the example above, there’s was a delightful piece of trash ruining our adorable umbrella moment.  All you have to do is select the tool that looks like a bandaid and tap the area you want removed until it looks the way you want. 
Voila! Trash be gone!

By now, I’ve noticed that most Instagramers have jumped on the Beautiful Mess bandwagon.  But this does not mean I love the app any less!  Cute borders, phrases, and doodles with customizable colors and unique fonts.  This is also the app I use when I share my biweekly bumpdates on Insta.  They’re in-app purchases are super inexpensive and the pregnancy pack is only $0.99!

And last, but certainly not least, is Studio app.  So many great design packs with new ones coming out all the time.  All of the packs are free to download in the app, which is also free.  One of my favorite features is the layers options.  You can rearrange the layers you’ve created or go back and edit a certain layer if it doesn’t look right, just as you would in any photo editing software.  
What are some of your favorite photo editing apps that you’ve found?
XO, Kelly