DIY // Stripes and Shooting Stars Wreath

One of my favorite Fourth of July traditions is firecrackers and sparklers.  Pretty colors, sparkles and all that glittery goodness!  I thought this year I would add some sparkle to our front door with a firecracker inspired wreath.

What You’ll Need: Straw Wreath Form, Red/White/and Blue Ribbon, Jewelry Wire,  Self Adhesive Foam Glitter Stars, Hot Glue 

When I make a wreath using one of these straw forms, I like to leave the plastic wrapping on.  This keeps the straw from going everywhere and making a very large mess.  Start with the blue ribbon and wrap a little less than a quarter of the wreath, gluing as you go.  Then, to make the stripes, alternate wrapping the red and white ribbon around the remainder of the wreath.

Set the wreath aside and cut small pieces of wire in varying lengths.  To make the wire more durable, I wrapped two pieces together. Now stick the stars along the wire pieces one on the front and one on the back, sandwich style.  Make sure you stagger the stars along the wire pieces as well as the sizes so that when it’s time to put them on the wreath, they will have a fuller effect.

Take all of the wire pieces and glue them to the back of the wreath in the blue section.  This is not the pretty side so don’t worry how it looks.  Glue a piece of blue ribbon over the top of all the wire once you’re finished.  To finish, tie some extra ribbon in a loop for a hanger and you’re ready for the door!

Want more stars and stripes?  Check out my TASSEL GARLAND from last year!
Here’s to the red, white, and blue!

XO, Kelly


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