DIY // No-Sew Super Hero Cape

Lately, Mr. G has started to be really interested in a very super heroes.  Mainly the Ninja Turtles and Hulk and that’s pretty much because they’re green, his favorite color.  I got this idea forever ago when he was invited to a superhero party and decided to finally make it happen.
Now, while Mr. G loves super heroes, he is not into dressing up.  AT. ALL. I mean, he doesn’t even have any interest in picking out his own clothes and don’t even get me started on wearing hats or sunglasses.  So I figured this would be a bit of a shot in the dark if he’d actually wear it.  When I put it on him…
“I want to wear this all the times.” (yes…”times”.  He’s three.)
This cape is a winner in Mr. G’s book and I’ll bet your tot will love it too.  Super easy to make and takes, literally, NO SEWING! Be sure to head on over to Pretty Providence to check out the full tutorial!

What You’ll Need: Oversized T-Shirt, Scissors, Hot Glue, Self Adhesive Velcro, Paint (optional)

Here’s the FULL TUTORIAL on Pretty Providence!

Super G is pretty happy with his cape if you can’t tell.  This could also have something to do with the fact that to get some picture on a rainy day, I let him run in the house!

XO, Kelly

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