Bumpdate // 26 Weeks

Ready for the pool today!  And I must say, I’ve never felt as cute in a bathing suit as I do in this one pregnant.  THIS ONE is a regular, non-maternity suit from Target that I got when they first came out.  It was an online return so while all of the others were regular price, I paid just under $6!  Score!

Physically, how do you feel?
Still pretty uncomfortable for the most part.  RC’s feels like he’s hanging out very low.  I swear I could feel him in my pelvis the other day!  I’ve had to start wearing a maternity support belt which definitely helps with all the lower back pain.

Not sleeping too well these days, I basically have to pee almost every hour and the bump just can’t get comfortable. I’ve tried regular pillows, a body pillow, a towel, etc. and nothing seemed to relieve the pulling feeling I get when I’m on my side.  However, I just tried bunching up my robe and for some reason, it helped more than the other things I’ve tried.

What’s weird about all this is that it’s so much earlier than I remember with Mr. G.  I don’t think I started getting super uncomfortable until the 34+ week mark.  But Mr. G sat much higher, I mean in the ribs higher, it as fall/winter, and I was 4 years younger and toddler-less.  All of these things could have something to do with the discomfort this time around.

RC’s movement?
Bumping along like crazy.  Like I said above, I could feel little bumps so low that I swear he as knocking to come out!  At this point in my pregnancy, my uterus is now stretched to 2 inches above my belly button (weird right?!)  and he chooses to stay all the way at the bottom!  It’s ok little buddy, I still love you!

How’s the nursery coming along?
Progress!!  My awesome mom and hubby came and painted the walls last weekend and all of the random leftover things that were still in there are now out.  We’ll be getting in come vinyl wall stickers today (eeeek!  I’m so excited!) and those will be going up pronto.  Also, the DIYs are coming together, like THIS one from earlier this week.  I’m so pumped to see the whole vision come together!

Any new cravings/aversions?
Meh…I just like food.  I tend to want meat more often than not and ice cream is always on my mind.  But I can’t really say that’s something pregnancy related…

Hot coffee is almost always a no and I’m still really sad about it too.  Iced coffee however doesn’t sound so bad.

How’s Mr. G doing?
I think a little bit of mommy anxiety may be setting in these days.  While he loves the baby, I think he may be starting to realize what’s going on, as much as a 3.5 year old can.  He’s not doing very well when I drop him off at the kids room at church, or when something changes in our routine.  He tells me he missed me more often now and he runs to see me when I pick him up.  Before, he would run in anywhere I was dropping him off without a second thought and it was all I could do to pry him away when it as time to go!

So…that name?  Are you going to share it?!
I sure am!  Check on Instagram today for the reveal!

Are you expecting?  I’d love to hear about how you’re feeling and what you’re experiencing, no matter if it’s your first or your 15th!
What questions would you like to see me answer in the next biweekly bump date (28 weeks)?

XO, Kelly

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