Bumpdate // 24 weeks

RC is bumping right along and growing so fast.  He typically moves during these little bump pic sessions now and big brother G likes to get in a few of them as well.  I just love my boys!

Physically, how do you feel?
Very uncomfortable.  I’ve been varying levels of uncomfortable since about 16 weeks but recently, since I feel like RC is hanging out so low, it’s been rough.  Sleeping isn’t task and I finally found the right pillow to help with the belly situation.  And some days I have to pee every 30 minutes, regardless of how much I’ve have to drink.  Pretty sure this one thinks mommy’s bladder is just a comfy little seat for him!
Getting up and down is starting to get more difficult too.  I either have to really take my time, or ask for help.

RC’s movement?
He typically moves around when I eat or, conversely, if I’ve gone too long without eating.  I think this one is going have a love affair with food like his mama!
I’ve also noticed that if I have sugar too late in the evening, he gets a sort of sugar rush.  The movement is so crazy, even hubby is shocked.  One night it lasted for about 10 minutes straight.  Sorry little buddy!

How’s the nursery coming along?
See that picture up there?  Yeah…still nothing.  But this weekend is our first step to getting in rolling.  Taking out all the things that don’t belong and getting the crib in.  After that, grandma is very excited about getting a fresh coat of paint on the walls!

Any new cravings/aversions?
Golden Grahams have entered into my daily diet.  I thought about them one day and then was like, yeah…I want those.  I haven’t stopped eating them since.

How’s Mr. G doing?
He’s so sweet and, while he may not completely grasp what it means to have a new baby coming into our lives, he definitely loves the bump.  He’s still pretty skeptical about talking to RC but I keep trying to tell him that he can definitely hear his big brother.  He wants me to hold him while we’re out sometimes and that’s just really not an option anymore.  I feel bad but it’s just very difficult.
Something else that’s difficult?  Sitting in my lap or sitting with my in a chair.  He’s taking it all very well for a 3 year old and I feel like he’s going to be such a good big brother.

Are you expecting?  I’d love to hear about how you’re feeling and what you’re experiencing, no matter if it’s your first or your 15th!
What questions would you like to see me answer in the next biweekly bump date (26 weeks)?

XO, Kelly


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