Ten Little Things #73

Better late than never right?!  Yesterday was a whirlwind of pure Monday craziness and…well…I’m here today!  Here’s what brought me joy last week:

1. My sweet Mr. G bringing me flowers
2. Great last session for small group
3. FREE snow cones at church!
4. Adorable preschool Mother’s Day gifts
5. Mr. G being so proud of himself climbing to the top of the spider web at the park
6. Watching him explore and play with a lizard with random kids at the park
7. Giving my mom her Mother’s Day gift
8. A great Mother’s Day filled with family time and sweet cuddles from my little man.
9. My new waffle iron!
10.  Finding out about the new MINI FRAPPUCHINOS at the Bucks!

What brought YOU this past week?
XO, Kelly

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