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Saw It, Pinned It, Tried It // Monster Spray

I’m pretty sure I pinned THIS before Mr. G was born.  The time stamp says 3 years ago, so maybe a little after he was born but I remember thinking it was a really cute idea and I wanted to remember it if I ever needed something like it in the future.  Turns out I did!  Mr. G has entered the phase of serious stalling for bedtime and being afraid of “monsters” in his room.  The monsters are his favorite way to stall and I know that he’s not afraid of the dark because he’s always asking me to “make it dark”.  He loves to play with flashlights and glowing things, plus he has a few night lights (it feels like a million) so I know these are just toddler bedtime shenanigans.

However, I understand that he needs to feel safe from any sort of monsters, whether he believes it or he’s stalling, so I made him some special monster spray!

What You’ll Need: Spray Bottle, Label or Stickers

You can use regular water or, if you use essential oils, you can infuse the water with some calming scents.  I went ahead and just bought some “Sleep Serenity” Febreze and slapped a homemade label on the front.

I found some monster graphics and printed the label on a giant sticker sheet so I could cut it to fit the bottle.

Now for bedtime we do monster checks and spray a mist in each spot.  Mr. G loves it and, whether he likes it or not, he has no monster excuses!  The spray keeps them away and we bought him a special color changing light specifically for keeping monsters away (*wink wink*).  Granted he still tries to tell me there are monsters but all I do is tell him that they can’t because of each of these things, that I love him, and good night! So far so good….until he comes up with something else!

XO, Kelly

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