Real life // 20 Underrated Feelings

I recently saw this video from Buzzfeed and loved it.  It celebrates exactly what I strive to do each day, finding joy in the little things.  Here, take a look…I’ll wait…

One of my favorites is finishing a chore you hate…too true!
Scrolling through my Facebook feed, it’s easy to get bogged down by what I see posted from time to time.  It was very refreshing to see this little video in the midst of all the negativity that gets shared.  So today, I thought I’d add my own personal favorite feelings to the list.

1. Driving with the windows down
2. Watching your grocery total drop after the cashier scans your bonus card

4. Making a basket with a crumpled piece of paper from really far away
5. When your name gets called at a restaurant with a really long wait (bonus points: if you made reservations!)
6. A fresh, empty notebook

8. Actually doing something from a Pinterest board (bonus points: if it’s not a fail)
9. Getting a crafty inspiration
10. Finding the last item of something in the clearance section and it’s your size
11. Going to a candy store as an adult

13. Completing a complicated recipe and it tastes amazing
14. When someone compliments you on something you made
15. Buying your favorite dessert for no reason
16. Decluttering
17. Looking up at a clear blue sky

19. Finishing a good book and getting a new one
20. When your jam gets played on two stations consecutively

What are some of your favorite “underrated” feelings?
XO, Kelly

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