DIY // Sharpie Shoe Refashion

A while back (and I mean like all the way back when I first started blogging!) I posted a fun DIY stencil which I applied to a pair of shoes.  Well, those shoes haven’t gotten much wear and they just sat in my closet for months…a couple years…basically taking up space.  Then, during one of my decluttering frenzies, I stumbled upon them again.  I thought about just donating them but something told me they still had more potential.  Check out how they got their new look!

What You’ll Need:  Shoes, Paint, Sharpie

Paint the part of your shoe you’d like to decorate and let it dry.  This took a couple coats to fully cover the heart. This will also depend on the fabric of your shoe and how much it absorbs the paint.

Now go to town drawing in your design.

A simple fix kept these shoes from the donate pile and turned them into shoes I can’t wait to wear!

XO, Kelly


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