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Last week I shared how I was *FINALLY* staying organized and on top of all of my daily tasks.  I also shared that there’d be a fun DIY coming for these fun dividers!  Part of my system for staying organized is loving the design of my planner and the things I put in it.  I know that sounds silly but if I love to look at it, I’m more likely to use it!  So I had a cute gold planner, my lovely mint and gold zebra binder, now to make it cute on the inside.  I’d seen some really cute stuff from instagram and looked at different shops for these dividers.  However, the frugal DIYer in me was not going to let me go in that direction!

What You’ll Need: Scrapbook Paper, Scissors/Paper Cutter, Self Laminating Sheets, 3 Hole Punch

Start by cutting your paper to the correct height and about an inch wider.  For example, My paper is 5.5 X 8.5 in so I cut it to 6.5 X 8.5 in.

Using a piece of correct sized paper (in this case 5.5 X 8.5 in) as a guideline for size, pencil in a divider tab as well as a straight line for cutting the correct size on your first sheet, you can start at the top or the bottom.  Use this first sheet as your guideline for the next divider and pencil in the tab just below (or above depending on which way you started) the first.  Continue doing this for each sheet.

Now place the cut out dividers in the self laminating sheets, seal and cut off the access lamination.  I used the single side sheet and I don’t recommend it.  I ended up using two laminating sheets per set since I wanted the entire paper laminated.  Go with the double sided option to save yourself some trouble!

You can also have some fun with a “dashboard” page and decorate it using stickers and other embellishments. Punch some holes in them and get to organizing!  I found my 3 hole punch for mini sheets HERE.

Loving my planner and all the fun things inside!
XO, Kelly


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