someone was done with bump picture taking…

Um…you guys…I’m halfway through this pregnancy.  HALF WAY! What? This pregnancy is going my so insanely fast.  I need time to slow down!

Anywho…I thought for my bump date today I’d change it up and do something different.  Except for the fact that I’m bigger, dancing gets a little harder as the weeks go on, and there’s a ton more movement, nothing has really changed that dramatically.  So, since we find out what the little nugget is on Monday (eeeeek!!!), I decided to have a little fun with gender predicting.  I even polled my classes throughout the week and my mom turned it into a math lesson on graphs!

Each student only got to vote once, which did not make some of my kids in more than one class very happy.  Most of them want to guess both! Also, these results probably have more to do with the fact that most of my students are girls under the age of 8 more than anything else but it was fun nonetheless.

There are so many “old wives tales” out there to try to predict your baby’s gender so I thought I’d put them to the test and see how accurate they are with this pregnancy.  With Mr. G, they were pretty spot on.  I craved meat and sour (steak and lemonade to be specific), I had zero nausea, my skin stayed clear, etc.  So here’s what I’m experiencing this time around:

Wives Tale – Sleeping Position:
If you prefer your left side, it’s a boy.  If you prefer your right side, it’s a girl.
My Pregnancy Predicts: Girl

Wives Tale – Nausea:
If you experience nausea, it’s a girl.  If you don’t, it’s a boy
My Pregnancy Predicts: Girl

Wives Tale – The Ring Test:
Tie your wedding ring to a string and hang it over your bump sitting down or lying down.  If it           swings side to side, it’s a boy.  If it swings in circles, it’s a girl.
My Pregnancy Predicts: Girl

Wives Tale – Food Cravings:
If you crave sweet or citrus, it’s a girl.  If you crave savory or salty, it’s a boy.
My Pregnancy Predicts: Mainly Boy

Wives Tale – Break Outs:
If you experience and increase in breakouts, it’s a girl.  If your skin stays clear or no change in breakout frequency, it’s a boy.
My Pregnancy Predicts: Girl

Wives Tale – Graceful vs. Clumsy:
If you find yourself stumbling over yourself/things, it’s a boy.  If not, it’s a girl.
My Pregnancy Predicts: Boy

Wives Tale – Fetal Heart rate:
Higher than 140? It’s a girl.  140 or lower? It’s a boy.
My Pregnancy Predicts: Girl

Wives Tale – Toddler Interest:
I found a very interesting one online the other day that said if a boy toddler shows a lot of interest in your baby bump, you’re having a girl.  If he shows little to no interest, you’re having a boy.
My Pregnancy Predicts: Girl…Mr. G loves the bump!

Wives Tale – Moody vs. Calm:
Feeling extra crazy/moddy?  It’s a girl.  Calm and cool?  It’s a boy.
My Pregnancy Predicts: GIRL! (haha!)

Wives Tale – Conception Age and Year:
If your age and the year are both the same, odd or even, it’s a girl.  If one is odd and the other even, it’s a boy.
My Pregnancy Predicts: This one took some math because I kinda of didn’t track my cycles and stuff that closely but this one predicts girl.

What do YOU think? Based on my, for a lack of better word, “symptoms”, do you think baby #2 is a Girl or a Boy?

How about your pregnancy?  How did the wives tales match up with your baby’s gender?
XO, Kelly