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I’ve always thought of myself as a very organized person but after becoming a mother, and now a pregnant one, my brain is just so scattered.  Call it mommy brain, call it pregnancy brain, call it whatever, I can’t remember to do half of the things I’m supposed to on a daily basis to save my life!  It was seriously time to figure out a good system!

I’ve tried many planners but I’d get tired of the design or just plain forget to look at it or write in it at all.  I’ve fawned over the super expensive ones trying to justify buying one because I would totally use it because I will have invested in it and “look how cute and awesome it is!”.  There are also tons of apps that help with productivity but I like seeing it in pen and paper, something physical.  None of these options were working for me and I never did cave and purchase an awesomely adorable expensive one.  But what could I do?  Then Sugar Paper Co. released their line for Target last December and I thought, “YES!  This is just my style and I’m gonna love it and use it and be so organized I won’t be able to stand it!”  Yeah…nope.  But I did have a sassy gold planner now that I liked and carried with me, just never really used.

Enter my small group from church.  I know, an unusual place to find inspiration for organization but God works in mysterious ways.  The book my group was/is reading is Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be by Donna Partow and she starts the book by telling you buy a small binder and get organized for this study.  As I used this system for my bible study, it dawned on me that this was exactly what I had been looking for.  Then there was the section about tackling a to-do list by applying the 80/20 rule.  Only devote 80% of your time to the most important 20% of your list.  There was an immediate sense of relief I got feeling that I didn’t have to do it all, let alone all in one day!

So that’s what I do now, I write down a list of things I want to accomplish and focus on the most important 20% of it.  If it gets finished, I can move on or I can take a break.  And let’s be honest, these days, I take the break!  This is how I’m staying on top of blog posts, at least week ahead of time now, and remembering what’s due when in my other ventures like graphic design and the hoop shop.

Now onto these other ventures.  I needed a place to keep it all, one single place.  This is where that little binder comes in again!  Target typically adorable ones and, since I get bored with planner designs easily, it had to be perfect.

Safe to say that this one is!  I divided up some paper into sections with cute dividers (stay tuned for a DIY!) like “Blog”, “Brainstorming”, “Hoopsy Daisy”, “Notes”, etc.  All of my separate ventures in one place and my planner fits right on top!  Last but not least, I printed out some free monthly blog planner printables I found on pinterest to use as an editorial calendar. (You can find the ones I’m currently using HERE and HERE) I like that it is separate from my appointment/everyday calendar because it keeps the clutter down, especially if I start changing my mind about where I want to post something.

I’m so happy, and (a little) less scattered, with my new system!  How about you?  What have you found that works for you?

XO, Kelly


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