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I don’t know about your toddler my my little man loves magnets!  He loves playing with the magnetic letters my mom found for him forever ago and now even sorts them by color.  Plus, since they’re on the refrigerator, it’s convenient for me when I want to cook or clean up the kitchen.  I thought I’d add something to his magnetic collection that’s also great for us to use together.  These are great for when you first tell the stories to your little one and even when they know it by heart.  Then they can retell the story to you!

What You’ll Need: Small Wooden Rectangles, Clipart, Modge Podge, Adhesive Magnetic Strips

Now before we start, if you’re super artistic and want to draw these out, have at it!  I tried that as my first approach and then started to get really frustrated trying to draw a bed.  So I went a different route!

Find some pictures online of your characters and key points of the story.  I found all but one of my graphics from, a completely free library of clipart.  You may have to combine some graphics, or even draw a little on one or two, like you’ll see with the picture of the three chairs.

Print, cut out, add to the pictures as necessary, and Modge Podge your clipart to the wooden pieces.  Back to my example of the chair picture, I added a little blue pillow with a spar pie to make the little chair look “just right”.  Let them dry then slap a magnetic strip to the back.  I used a glue gun to really ensure the magnet would stay on.

Now story tell away!

I have so much fun using these with him since he already knows these stories and he can help me tell each one.  He loves when I act out the huffing and puffing parts of The 3 Little Pigs!

XO, Kelly


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