Ten little Things #70

1. Mr. G posing before school pictures
2. Getting the spring/summer issue of Southern Holiday life magazine!  My 4th of July wreath is featured! (DIY coming soon)
3. My snazzy confetti phone case
4. Mr. G has been really into giving the baby lots of kisses these days.  It’s the cutest thing ever!
5. Out of nowhere, Mr. G decided he wanted to do some watercolor and even though he told me it was throw up, he was getting to be creative nonetheless.
6. My super easy trip through Hobby Lobby thanks to a sleeping babe.
7. Whole Foods lunch date with my favorite little man.  (Even if he refused all food but a giant bag of  Pirate’s Booty…)
8. Listening to Mr. G and hubby “explore” through the house.  They were on a safari.
9. Wonderful, productive Saturday thanks to hubby taking the wee man for most of the day.
10. Fun shopping day with my mom for maternity clothes.  Pretty much at that point where my regular, non preggo clothes, aren’t cuttin’ it anymore!  And I’m pretty happy about that!

What brought YOU joy this past week?
XO, Kelly

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