DIY // Shadowbox Clothespin Frame

I love displaying photos of my family in my home.  They make me smile and are full of the many memories we’ve made in just our few years as a married couple and family of 3.

Frames can get expensive, especially if they are anything but plain.  So I like to get creative with how I showcase my family photos around the house.  My latest favorite was made from an old shadow that was just sitting around unused.  I love shadow boxes because they give great dimension without taking up a ton of room.

What You’ll Need: Shadow Box, Scrapbook Paper, Twine, Clothespin, Photo

Measure and cut the scrapbook paper to fit the backboard of your shadowbox and glue/tape it place.

Cut a length of twine and glue it to the back of the backboard.  Make sure you measure out how far down the picture will hang, as well as take into account the weight of the clothespin.  It will make the twine sag and, therefore, the picture will hang even lower.  My best advice is to glue it higher than you think and with just barely any slack.

Clip on your picture and close up the frame.

I love the rustic look of the paper I found and how it fits in with our decor!
XO, Kelly


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