DIY // Confetti Phone Case

With spring in the air, it’s time to add some color to my life!  More specifically my phone case!  I’m feeling bright and cheery with the warmer weather and sunshine so, since I love to change up my phone case like my mood, I need one to match!  This one is inspired by the nail art tutorial I tried by Kallie of But First Coffee.  This confetti phone case is so colorful and fun!

What You’ll Need:  Nail polish in a variety of colors, Clear Phone Case, Tooth Picks, Clear Sealant

Pour out your nail polish on color at a time and using a toothpick, a different one for each color, apply dots of color to the outside of the case.  Make big dots, small dots, overlap colors and just keep going until you’ve covered the negative space.  The more you change up the color and size of the dots, the better your result.  Allow the polish to dry completely and seal it with a clear sealant.

If you’d like you can place a piece of white cardstock on the inside of the case to make the colors pop or you can leave is clear for something a little more subtle.

Loving my cheery phone case AND the cheery weather!
XO, Kelly


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