Bumpdate // 18 Weeks

Look at that sweet big brother!

18 weeks…What the what?!  I can hardly believe that I’m almost at the halfway mark.  I’m definitely showing now and other people can tell, including those that didn’t know previously, that I am pregnant.  Even some of my students have asked me this week, even though I told them 6 weeks ago, if I’m having a baby.  Kids…

How are you feeling?
Oh the heartburn.  Why has it already started?! I should really consider buying stock in Tums.
The dizziness has subsided.  I still get dizzy when I stand too fast, sometimes not even when it’s fast, but that’s normal due to the lower blood pressure.  And good heavens if this baby doesn’t make me hungry ALL THE TIME. I don’t remember this with Mr. G.  However, on the upside, I’ve barely gained any weight even though I feel like I’ve been eating enough for eighteen people!

What changes are you noticing?
Movement!  Baby is a movin’ folks!  You would think this was my first pregnancy with how excited and awesome I feel about this.  But it really is just so awesome.  This is the point where it becomes more “real”.  Like, whoa…there’s a tiny person in there!  Maybe it’s also because my pregnancy was so long ago. It started with the normal flutters and now we’re getting little bumps that even hubby can feel.  I feel like it’s the baby giving me fist bumps and saying “Hey mom!”. (side note: The little bean has actually been bumping pretty much the entire time I’ve been writing this.)

Oh!  And I’ve upgraded to some maternity pants and I’m actually totally ok with it.

Any activities getting harder to do?
Going through recital dances with my students is getting a bit more difficult especially since some of the younger need me to do pretty much every movement.  If I mark something (do it halfway) they will too.    So we’ve been working on learning little hand signals that only Ms. Kelly does and what they need to do when they see them. Recital is 3 weeks away…YIKES!

What are you craving?
Mexican is still pretty much my go to if I get a choice, especially Taco Bell mild sauce.  If I can just put that on something, I’m golden.  Also, my sweet tooth has been seriously active.

Any food aversions?
I think I’m pretty much out of the woods on any aversions now.  I don’t want coffee like I did pre pregnancy but it definitely doesn’t taste bad anymore.

Do you “feel” like it’s a boy or a girl?
The “girl” feeling is still there and most of my family is feeling that way too.  Hubby has had two separate dreams about it being a girl and my mom even randomly found a pair of my old baby earrings with sapphires in them.  Sapphires…September (due date) birthstone!  Coincidence or a sign?  We’ll no soon enough…

Are you expecting?  I’d love to hear about how you’re feeling and what you’re experiencing, no matter if it’s your first or your 15th!
What questions would you like to see me answer in the next biweekly bump date (20 weeks)?

XO, Kelly


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