Our Spring Bucket List

Happy First Day of Spring!  It may not actually look like spring at the moment in my neck of the woods but we’ve had some spring days mixed in here and there and it was so wonderful!

We’re so ready for warmer weather and sunshine to stick around for a little longer than a day or two and I know Mr. G is ready to get his park/playground on!  And oddly enough, I am too!  I’ve never been an outdoor person until I had Gavin and now I look forward to it.  Here’s our bucket list for the sunny times ahead!

Mr. G love’s making “collections” and it’s the perfect way to work in a good walk for me too!  Making your own nature collection?  Check out THIS activity we did last year that Mr. G absolutely loved.  Plus, you can keep all of the nature stuff in one place!

I think I’m most excited about the zoo!  At three years old, Mr. G has never been.  *GASP!*  I know, i know!  He’s also never been to the aquarium and that’s on our list for later in the year. I really wanted to wait for him to really enjoy the experiences (if I’m gonna shell out the Atlanta area prices!) and get to soak it all in rather than him just stare at the animals.

Want to make your own spring bucket list?  You can print this one out HERE!

What’s on YOUR list?!
XO, Kelly

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