Mommyhood // 4 Things That Made Potty Training Work for Us

Potty Training…it’s quite the task to take on.  When to do it, girls versus boys, are they ready?  As with anything to do with your children, it’s up to you when you do it, how you do it, and so forth.  But today I’m sharing with you what worked for us.  We went through the screaming and crying and the outright refusal of said potty.  We also went through a good week of no number 2s and then a complete reversal back to diaper dependancy.  However, we eventually got to the wonderful point of fully potty trained and here’s how.
1. Special Potties
Telling Mr. G that he could go on a special potty started the ball rolling on our potty training adventure.  This is how we got him to stop the number 2s in his diaper.  We started with one of the potties (THIS ONE to be exact) that are separate from the actual toilet.  The kind with it’s own “flusher” and you have to dump and rinse every time.  Not very glamorous but a step in the right direction.
Then it was on to the BIG potty.  There was a lot of hesitation from Mr. G for the toilet and I think most of it had to do with the fact that the seat is very large and he is not.  So I told him that I would get him a big boy Cars seat (pictured above), just like his other one, but for the BIG potty. He was game after that and started using the actual toilet thus saving mommy from dumping and rinsing!
2. A Timer (aka your phone)
Every 20 minutes.  Yup…Every. Twenty. Minutes.  Set your timer and as soon as it goes off, make it a party.  This was the best advice I read and it totally works.  It turns POTTY time in PARTY time!
After a while, they get used to the “gotta go” feeling and you can ask them intermittently, doing away with the timer altogether.  Just asking actually didn’t work for Mr. G at first when we tried to transition to it so I’d set a timer for one minute and when it went off, we partied then went potty.  I kid you not, ONE minute!  The timer made all the difference to him.

3. Sticker Chart or Reward System

Reward, reward reward!  They have to know it’s a great thing to go potty in the toilet rather than their diaper.  At first we had a large bag of hot wheels cars that were a great incentive to get those number 2s out.  I’m not big on using sweets but those work just as well.

Soon, we needed to work on the number 1s.  The more things you can find for them to get stickers for the better.  I read about the ones pictured above and thought they were as good as any and, as you can see, it worked!  He filled up the whole thing and now he doesn’t even need to do it.

Finally, the promise of “big boy Cars undies” became the reward. (Seeing a theme?)  At first, when he didn’t want anything to do with the potty, he couldn’t have cared less.  I would ask him if he wanted big boy undies and he would simply say, “No.”  But eventually it worked as the reward and now he loves picking out new underwear.  We just bought some Planes ones!

4.  Patience

Simple as that.  You just have to be patient and have faith that, eventually, it will happen.  We were having trouble for a week or so where Mr. G completely reverted and started using his diaper for pretty much everything.  After implementing the chart, he was fully potty trained in about one week.

Know that you’re child will not be 18 and still in a diaper!  It happens, I promise!
XO, Kelly


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