Bumpdate // 14 Weeks

How do you feel?
Feeling pretty much the same just maybe a little more “whale-esque”.  I know I don’t look nearly as big as a feel but I’m still having some bloating in the evenings so I feel like a blimp.  I’m also still pretty tried but this could also be my body trying to get used to the lack of caffeine.  I was drink up to about 3 cups of coffee somedays and going back done to one, sometimes none, is throwing my body all out of whack!

What changes are you noticing?
The bump is coming!  It’s definitely true, for me at least, that you show sooner with the second.  Also, something different from my first pregnancy, is that I’ve been having quite a few breakouts.  I mean, they’re manageable, by no means what some people go through, but I’m pretty used to 0-2 instead of all the time.

Any activities getting harder to do?
While stretching in my dance classes, I’ve had to stop doing any twisting.  It’s pretty uncomfortable.  I’m also starting to get uncomfortable with sleeping on my stomach which is a real bummer since that’s how I like to fall asleep.

What are you craving?
Still on my mexican kick but it’s dulled down to a more normal level.  I pretty much just want to eat all the time.  This baby has me hungry about every 2.5 hours.  My sweet craving is starting to kick in and it just can’t be satisfied with chocolate, I often will completely past it up.  But just everyday I’m looking for something fruity flavored to eat.  Bonus points for my prenatal vitamins because they’re the gummy kind and they are delicious!

Compared to first pregnancy?
I don’t remember being this hungry with Mr. G but I could be wrong.

Any food aversions?
The coffee aversion isn’t nearly as bad as it was.  I definitely can stand it more even though it’s not the first thing I want in the mornings.  Other than that, just give me all the foods!

Do you “feel” like it’s a boy or a girl?
No real changes here, I still want to keep my reserves up on this one.  I would love to have one of each (that would mean a girl if you’re new to my blog) but would be perfectly happy with two crazy boys.  While on Pinterest and Etsy I have to be very careful to pin/favorite judiciously and get ideas for either gender.  I have so many ideas for girl, I mean, I am one, I’m a dance teacher, I like girly things!  But I’m having fun coming up with ideas for both.  There’s just too much cuteness out there!

Are you expecting?  I’d love to hear about how you’re feeling and what you’re experiencing, no matter if it’s your first or your 15th!
What questions would you like to see me answer in the next biweekly bump date (16 weeks)?
XO, Kelly


  • Katie Dettelbach

    I'm 21 weeks with a little girl and coffee was my biggest aversion! I couldn't stand the way it smelled and I am normally a coffee addict! Good thing it wasn't/still isn't appealing because I've cut out caffeine all together! I also couldn't stand the smell of any wallflowers(from bath and body works)- especially the sweet peppermint around christmas time! Yuck!! Good luck, the bump is perfect!! šŸ™‚

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