1. Sweet cuddles at the dinner table watching a movie with Mr. G
2. Georgia’s winter wonderland, while dangerous and freezing, was very pretty!
3. Thank goodness for trampolines! Please refer to exhibit A and exhibit B.
4. Been diving more and more into God’s word and loving my small group
5. My instagram hit 900 followers!  Thanks to all who follow along!
6. Mr. G has started to enjoy wearing a scarf and it is seriously adorable.
7. Hubby brought home my favorite GS cookies and I didn’t even ask!
8. My Timehop feed has been full of teeny tiny baby Mr. G lately.  Adorable picture and even sweeter little videos!
9. Late night family grocery shopping
10. Made the best freezer burritos ever…if I do say so myself!

What brought YOU joy this past week?
XO, Kelly